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energia tradizionale
cogenerazionetraditional energy
What is it?

We all know traditional electrical energy. It is a form of energy linked to forces and fields of electrical origin; i.e., it involves the movement of electrical loads.
Our country imports approximately 85% of its energy from other countries, in contrast with the 53% of the European average, a gap mainly caused by the refusal to use nuclear energy which makes us almost totally dependent on foreign countries. The choice not to diversify energy sources of supply has led to a high purchase cost, the highest in Europe, with a consequent market price that penalises both production and house-hold sectors.


It has been almost a decade since we started supplying traditional electrical energy to companies. Our customers include strong companies that have entrusted their energy balance to us for years, resulting in an interesting saving in the economic field. It is not easy to cope with dozens of similar offers which highlight advantages but keep silent about disadvantages. It is necessary to know how to look further afield to avoid apparently convenient offers (saving a few cents for a brief period) and to make a long-term economic plan.