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about us

Italcom srl, which has been working in the energy sector for ten years, has given birth to a business-unit under the Energen brand. The decision to create a different expertise has grown out of the consolidated presence in the market, of hundreds of customer companies and of the professional push for commitment in the energy field, an environment on which more and more attention is being focused by all the parties involved: private organisations, companies, public organisations and old and new manufacturers. The careful selection of strong and able Partners allows us to provide tailor-made counselling to potential and existing customers to guarantee safety, development and business.

At present, we, together with our Partners and by means of our network of consultants, are able to prepare the entire process of both service and product:
- design;
- quote;
- installation;
- maintenance;
- financing;
- insurance.

Our competence and experience grow day after day. The trusting relationship binding us to customers is based on reliability and transparency, truly appreciated qualities, so much so as to be recommended by other companies, an award that makes us feel very proud. Now, we mainly intend to enter into this large market by increasing the number of consultants, which, besides supporting us in protecting the territory, also help us in the search for innovative materials to improve the performance of our systems.

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